Mokha Java Blend

Ataraxia Coffee Company

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Geo: Africa / Indonesia

Varietal: Blend

Processing: Wet-Hulled / Processed

Cup Notes: vibrant fruit-like acidity, earthy undertones, medium body cup
Degree of Roast: Light-Medium
The Mohka Java Blend is the original coffee blend, dating back to the 15th century. The Mohka Java Blend coined its name after the shipping port of Mocha (formerly known as Mohka) in Yemen and the island of Java (formerly known as Jawa) in Indonesia. Sailors from Indonesia would port in Mokha for trade, bringing their homeland coffees. This resulted in a blend of Yemenese and Indonesian coffees known as the Mokha Java Blend. 
This blend is quite unlike others. Indonesian coffees are known for their earthy cup notes and a heavy body. Yemenese coffees are known for their bright, citrus-like fruit resemblance. The result is a bright cup with fruity top notes and an earthy undertone.