Costa Rica - Venecia Variety - San Jose Province - San Vincente

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Costa Rica is known for some of the best coffee in the world. In fact, it passed a law in 1989 making it illegal to produce low-quality coffees. The origin of the Venecia variety is sort of a mystery. Up to now, no one is really sure about its genetic origin, some say that it is a natural mutation whereas others say it is a natural cross between Typica and Robusta. This Costa Rican coffee offers some bright & lively acidity, deep & sweet aroma, and apple-like acidity.


Geo:  San Jose Province, San Vincente

Farm: Coffea Garden

Varietal: Venecia 

Elevation: 1200-1350

Cup Notes: bright & lively acidity, deep & sweet aroma, apple-like acidity

Degree of Roast:  Full City (Dark)


About Coffea Diversa

Unlike many large plantations that mass-produce a single variety, Coffea Diversa focuses on variety and quality. They plant multiple exotic varieties of coffee. In fact, they have the largest private collection of coffee in the world. They have more than two hundred species, botanical varieties, mutations, and cultivars. They sell limited quantities of beans per year, focusing on quality. They take pride in carefully cultivating and harvesting their coffees, paying close attention to each step of the process.

Located in the District of Biolley, Province of Puntarenas, a very remote area in Costa Rica. Their garden borders the La Amistad International Park, a 500,000-hectare reserve in Central America. In fact, they are very close to the Panama border! This region is not typically known for its coffee growing due to the unideal geography. The region hosts wonderful microclimates, rich soil, and a perfect altitude for cultivation.