Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea - Nicaragua

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Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea is the husk of the coffee cherry that is removed during processing of the cherry after harvest. Historically, it has been used as compost/waste. Ongoing research and development in coffee have led to a newfound use: a sweet and syrupy tea!



Region: Matagalpa

Varietal: Various

Process: Natural Process

Elevation: 1350 - 1600 Meters

Cup Notes: good balance between sweetness and acidity, mellow-bodied cup


Brewing Recommendations

Hot Brew

  • Cascara: 18g / 3 tablespoons
  • Water: 300g / 300ml / 10oz @ 195-205℉
  • Directions: combine cascara and heated water together for ~6 minutes. Strain, cool as desired, and enjoy.


Cold Brew


  • Cascara: 36g / 6 tablespoons
  • Water: 300g / 300ml / 10oz
  • Directions: combine cascara and water, stir, and let stand in the fridge for roughly 24 hours. Strain and enjoy.