DR Congo - North Kivu - Hutwe Wet Mill

Ataraxia Coffee Company

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Congolese coffee has previously been halted in its production due to civil conflicts. Although not as well known as other African coffees, we believe that it deserves more credit. Our Congo offers a chocolate body, fruity-sweet cup prevalence, and a citric top note. Great for drip and cold brew. We personally enjoy it as a tart/bright espresso. 


GEO : Kirumba, North-Kivu

Wet Mill : Hutwe

Process : Washed Process

Varietal : Bourbon

Altitude : 1600-1800m

Cup Notes : chocolate body, fruity-sweet cup, citric top notes

Degree of Roast: City+ (Medium) 

Hutwe station is located in Kirumba zone, a region plagued with rebel groups. Hutwe operates a Penagos eco-pulper. The station processes cherries from various smallholder farms, typically of the Bourbon variety grown at high altitudes.