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The AeroPress is a steep method of brewing. They are lightweight, easy to clean and operate, and brew a sweeter, more mellow full-bodied cup. An AeroPress is good for home use, are easy to clean, good for camping and road trips, or any traveling as they are quite easy to pack. Below were going to cover a very basic brewing method although there quite a few different ways to use it (inverted is pretty neat). 



  • AeroPress

You can purchase an AeroPress on Amazon for about $35.00.

  • Paper filter

These will come with the AeroPress when you purchase one. If you need more, your best option would be to purchase them online as they are not commonly sold in stores. They are specific to the AeroPress.

  • Vessel of choice

Anything that you want to drink or serve your coffee out of. You can purchase a carafe, use a mason jar (if it states it can hold hot liquid), a coffee mug, the carafe from an automatic drip coffeemaker, etc. 

  • Kettle

We like electric gooseneck kettles. They are decently priced, hold up for many years, and often come with a temperature display. The gooseneck makes pouring more accurate; a sauce pan can be quite unpredictable and is dangerous with hot water. 

  • Water

If you have chemical-treated water at your home, we recommend getting filtered or spring water jugs. You can purchase a gallon jug for around $0.50 at your local grocer. Well water works well if you like it but will cause more hard water buildup on your kettle and brewing equipment. 

  • Fresh Roasted Coffee

Always, always, always use fresh coffee! Of course, we can provide this for you. Try to get a coffee that has been roasted within the last month, preferably within 2 weeks of roasting. 

Optional & Recommended:

  • Kitchen scale

Kitchen scales allow for more accurate brewing and necessary alterations. You would use this for measuring both the coffee and the water. You can purchase one of these for around $10.00.

  • Burr grinder

Burr grinders allow for a consistent and even grind level. If you have one of these at home, grind your coffee medium to fine. Hand grinders work well. If not available, have your roaster grind your coffee according to your preference! Whole bean coffee will also keep fresh longer than ground.

  • Timer

Your phone should do this fine. You can use this to make your brewing more accurate. If not available, you can count in your head or just estimate. 



1. Measure and grind coffee

We recommend using 17g of coffee. If using the spoon that comes with the AeroPress, a level scoop of whole bean will be about 16g and a rounded scoop about 17g. If you only have ground coffee available, this will be roughly 3Tbsp. Use a medium to fine grind, if possible. 

2. Prepare the AeroPress and filter

AeroPress Overview

An AeroPress contains 3 parts: the plunger, the brew chamber, and the filter basket.


3. Insert filter paper into the filter basket.

Preheat and pre-wet the filter by pouring hot water over the filter (shown). This cleans the filter and gets rid of the paper taste. You can do the same with the brew chamber and your coffee mug to get rid of any residual coffee taste leftover.

4. Affix the filter to the bottom of the brew chamber and place on your mug. Insert the grounds into the brew chamber; you can use the loader to prevent spilling grounds. 

5. Brewing



    • If using a scale, your going to use roughly 220g of water per 17g of grounds. If a scale is not available, you can fill the AeroPress to the number 4 shown on the side of the brew chamber. 
    • Start timer and begin pouring water into the brew chamber over the grounds, filling in 10 seconds of pouring. Make sure to fully saturate all of the grounds; you can do this by spinning the chamber on the mug while pouring water. 
    • Stir the water and grounds mixture (also known as slurry), insert the plunger at an angle, pull up slightly to create a pressure seal.
    • At 1 minute and 15 seconds, remove the plunger, stir the slurry again, reinsert the plunger, and begin pressing/plunging until you hear the hissing sound. This will be the end of the brewing process.
6. Remove the AeroPress from your mug, remove the filter basket, and press the plunger to remove the grounds and filter from the bottom. Dilute, if desired, and enjoy!





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